Our experience guarantees fast and high quality results.

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We provide fast and high quality solutions of your issues!

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We value every client. Trust is our priority.

Detail oriented approach guarantees excellent quality.

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Focus on your goals, we will take care of the rest!

Our team knows how to deliver great results in time.

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Our benefits:



Developers` team is located in Western Ukraine. It enables us to offer very affordable and flexible pricing.


We work with full .Net stack

  • Asp.net MVC, WCF, WPF, UWP, WIX, WinForms
  • MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Html/Html5, CSS, JS, jQuery and other js-frameworks


We are located in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). The difference in time is EST +7, PST +10. We are able to sync our work schedule with your`s.



We are a young company of highly skilled professionals with solid experience. Each team member speaks English fluently.



We respect your confidentiality. We will sign NDA on your terms and build a trustworthy relationship.


Sales office in USA

Our sales representative will provide you with all the necessary information.



Software development

Our custom software development services include:

  • Server/Client applications
  • The distribution of applications
  • Development of components
  • Web based systems
  • Business solutions
  • Unit and Integration tests

Web development

We have over 10 years of experience in web application development using cutting edge technology such as ASP.NET. Our extensive expertise includes creating and deploying many web applications. We do custom web application development for small companies as well as large corporations. Our greatest expertise is in planning the best web application development according to our client’s requirements.


Optimization and profiling consulting

Responsiveness is one of the essential features of modern software. We will take care of optimization and provide you with responsive and fast working software.

OaP includes:

  • Performance profiling
  • Select optimization approaches
  • Optimization road map

Software Architecture consulting

Software Architecture consulting. Our experts will provide you with professional support. Our goal is to help a client recognize and understand best software solutions, which leads to success and eliminates possible pitfalls.

SA includes :

  • Choosing the right technology and development approach.
  • Software architecture up front design and documentation
  • Architecture review
  • Project time estimate
  • Reduce software development cost

Our Projects

According to the confidentiality agreements we signed, we cannot disclose the names of our clients or details of the projects, but we are eager to show what we have been working on.

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Product 6


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Product 6

Documentation Processing System

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Product 6

Fitness application

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Product 6


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Product 6


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Product 6


Sphere: Finance


CMS engine with extensible plugin system and high scalability opportunities Web platform solution for banking sector. Thanks to micro core and plugins we are able to build agile web applications with custom GUI and business functions according to bank requirements.

Base functionality:

  • User, roles, privileges management;
  • Content constructors;
  • Information visualization and publishing;
  • Load and recourses monitoring;
  • Third-party integration samples;


C#, MEF, ASP.NET MVC, Telerik MVC controls, DI, WIX, ADO.NET, Nhibernate, MS SQL Server.

Sphere: Document processing system


Intranet web-site system that optimize process of document accepting and versioning. Consist of documents storage and documents processing.

Base functionality:

  • User authorizations based on roles;
  • Documents management (versions, revisions, accepting, indexing);
  • Event base mail notifications;
  • Documents replications sub-system;


C#, ASP.NET MVC, DI, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server



The complete body transformation Program that is Comprised of Nutrition and Training, to help you achieve the beautiful shape you so desire.

Base functionality:

  • User authorizations based on roles;
  • Progress observation ;
  • Schedule meal and exercise per day;
  • Blog;
  • Contact with trainer;
  • Payment system;


ASP.NET MVC, jquery, CSS3, Entity Framework, Autofac, Automapper, Hangfire, BlogEngine



Website for monitoring municipal and ecological community issues. Users can notify local authority about issues. This is a volunteer project.

Base functionality:

  • User authorizations based on roles;
  • User registration;
  • Point issues on map (Google Api);
  • Authority notification by email;


PHP, Laravel 5.0 Html5, JQuery, BackboneJS, CSS3, MySql

Sphere: E-commerce


Accounting system for spares suppliers. Autoland is used by chain stores. Classic 3-Tier system has an application server, ms sql database and rich GUI client.

Base functionality:

  • Admin panel for stores and client management (CRUD operations, access policies etc.);
  • Spares accounting;
  • User authorizations based on roles;
  • Prices and discount management;
  • Reports generators;


C#, WinForms, SuperSocket Entity Framework, MS SQL Server.

Sphere: Booking system


Online booking system for restaurant network.

Base functionality:

  • Admin panel for restaurant and management (CRUD operations, access policies etc.);
  • Online booking
  • User authorizations based on roles;
  • Prices and discount management;
  • Reports generators;


C#, WebForms, Asp.Net MVC, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, KnockoutJS, JQuery.


Oleksandr Melnichuk

Oleksandr Melnichuk

Tech Lead

Hi there.

I’ve been working in IT since 2003. My first programing language was vb 6.0.
I have a solid background in back-end development as well as in front-end. I worked as a software engineer and architect mostly with banking solutions. Most of all I like to create developers teams and build them up into self-sufficient and productive companies. I am also an instructor at a computer academy.
I like to write a clear and maintainable code using such technologies as: WPF, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, Dependency Injection, Unit testing. I also enjoy working with agile processes like SCRUM and Kanban.
My life credo is “Failure is not an option”.

Russel Clinton

Oleksandr Semeniuk


I had been working in banking and finances for over 10 years, out of which the last three as a Head of Sales department. At the age of 30 I graduated from the IT Academy and started outsourced product development startup.
My business skills include management, negotiation, human resources and of course finance. But I do like to program with .Net and PHP myself.
About our team I`d like to say that among us there are true stars in programming as well as those that are yet "rising stars", but we all are united by our love to programming and by our belief that there are no issues we would not be able to solve.

Iryna Artsyshevska

Iryna Artsyshevska

Head of Sales Department

Communicating with people and establishing new business connections is what I like the most about my job. Originally I am from Ukraine, but I lived in the US, Canada and Mexico, having returned to the US to settle down. I speak 4 languages fluently, have experience in volunteering jobs, medical and tourism fields. But IT industry is my latest focus, and I feel proud being a part of an industry that is changing the world so rapidly and profoundly. About our team: we are young but ambitious, our goal is to deliver high quality products, we are very serious about our job but easy to work with. We invite you to work with us and set our new challenges!

Pavlo Zhmak

Pavlo Zhmak


I'm a middle software developer. Programming and IT technologies have been an important part of my life and my main interest. I started programming since I was a child and graduated from the IT Academy "Step" in Ukraine. Today I am proud to be a member of the Honeycomb-Soft Team. I prefer to work with .Net and Python but I never miss an opportunity to learn something new. Programming is much more than a hobby for me. My statement is: in order to do great things you must love what you do.

Taras Demchuk<

Taras Demchuk


Highly driven and detail oriented Automation QA Engineer with over 4 years of experience in big software corporations. Proficient in full cycle defect management, automation testing and continuous integration. I constantly work on developing Quality Assurance skills and gain more experience, which allow me to find best solutions in order to speed up processes. What others say about my personality: known for being a collaborative team member, able to provide alternative solutions to challenging technical issues, has strong interpersonal communication skills, able to liaise professionally and effectively, a reliable IT professional.

Why we are?

not stabile builds

Tired of unstable builds?


Had bad experience with free-lance?

  • Misunderstanding?
  • Low-skilled developers?
  • Mess instead of agile?

Want to integrate everything with CI but can’t handle it?


Nobody wants to write a unit test on-site?


Need some 3D party vision to manage optimization?


Can’t deal with legacy?

Contact us and forget about all of these nightmares.

We’ll implement your code, you’ll implement your ideas!


Thank you for your letter!
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Developers Center
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